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Sides Creative is an agency that provides professional design services including branding, web design and design for print. In addition to design services, Sides Creative can help with developing, maintaining and improving your website while supporting its growth with a managed digital marketing strategy


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Sides Creative

Through great client relationships, we develop unique project solutions every day. With fluid communication throughout the entire creative process, we keep project goals in focus each step of the way.

The Who

My name is Dan Sides. I am an expert designer, A loving husband, and a proud father of four beautiful children.

Design with Horsepower

We're a Creative Agency based in Doylestown, PA.


When you work with me. You get the passion, energy, and personal attention you deserve. I believe great relationships equal great ideas.

Special thank you to all of our clients, friends, and family.

The Why

Horses represent strength, beauty, and determination, and for me, they have always represented my mom. My mom was only 53 when she lost her hard-fought battle to colon cancer. My mom was the life of the party and loved being social. (I get that from her) Cancer took that away from her, but through it all she had beauty and was strong and determined in her battle. Since my mom’s passing, the horse represents her still being here in my life, inspiring and encouraging me. She is reflected through the tattoo on my back, through the art and symbols of horses I see throughout my day, and now through our very personal new brand. Through her I have strength. Through her inspiration, we create beautiful projects for wonderful businesses worldwide.