Giving Back: Our Mission to Help <i>For Pete’s Sake</i>

For over five years, Sides Creative has been the creative and technical force behind the For Pete?s Sake rebranding and website. For Pete?s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation (formerly Crossing the Finish Line) is a non-profit organization that assists adult cancer patients, their caregivers and loved ones. Inspired by the late Peter R. Bossow, Jr., we […]

Why Your Business Needs a Website<br/> and not just a Facebook page

As I train clients on social media marketing, through our social media division, Sides Social, I am stunned at the number of people who ask my why they need a website when they already have a Facebook business page! I try not to let out an exasperate sigh as I go on to give them […]

Mat?s Pharmacy and Medical Supply: <br/>Branding and Web Design

The client and their challenges: Mat’s Pharmacy is THE neighborhood pharmacy in Croydon, PA and has been since the 1930s. The goal of owner, Mat Slakoper, is to provide personal attention and care to every customer. Mat?s high standards for health and wellness, coupled with their devotion to the community, distinguishes them not just as […]

Leaps N Bounders

Leaps N Bounders, a local gymnastics studio with two locations in Bucks County, PA, asked Sides Creative with help designing a new website that represented the growth and quality of their programs. Most of all, the site needed to be useful to parents, easy to navigate and mobile friendly for these parents were always on […]

Our Story

Horses represent strength, beauty, and determination, and for me, they have always represented my mom. My mom was only 53 when she lost her hard-fought battle to colon cancer. But the year she battled, cancer had already taken her life away. My mom was the life of the party and loved being social. (I get […]