The client and their challenges:

Mat’s Pharmacy is THE neighborhood pharmacy in Croydon, PA and has been since the 1930s. The goal of owner, Mat Slakoper, is to provide personal attention and care to every customer. Mat?s high standards for health and wellness, coupled with their devotion to the community, distinguishes them not just as another local establishment, but as an essential catalyst for achieving a happy and healthy lifestyle. Mat?s is more than just a corner pharmacy. They have a dedicated personalized Rx department offering a customized pill tray program. They work with patients, physicians and other members of each person?s healthcare team to individualize medications and assist with pain management through their Compounding Department. And while, yes you can buy your aspirin, band aids, and toothpaste at Mat?s, the also offer a large medical supplies department, in store and through special ordering. Mat was looking for an agency that could not only update his non-responsive and outdated website, but bring all of these areas of service together and market these lesser known aspects of their business.

The Meet

We met the Mat?s Pharmacy team back in September-almost their entire management team took time away from their offices to us in that initial meeting, so we knew instantly this project was incredibly important to them. (Or they just all needed a day out of the office-we weren?t sure?.) Mat?s was in need of a fresh update to their brand and a new website that was interactive for customers.?? Although so much of Mat?s traffic walked in their front door, Mat knew customers and the pharmacy industry were increasingly using online services.

We loved that first meeting! It was fun?we heard a lot of stories and history about how Mat?s came to be the business it is today. We heard the love Mat?s team has for their work and most certainly their customers and their community. We learned what they like about their current brand and site as well as what they didn?t like. They knew which parts of the website their customers were visiting and what they were asking for on a new site.?? We also learned how important it was this new website work FOR this team, as they are so busy providing quality service to their customers, this couldn?t be something that created more work or didn?t help grow their business.

Creative Comes to Life

Love of service and care. Love of care and service to the community. Those were the two themes our team felt strongly after meeting with Mat?s. We were PUMPED to jump into this project and before we disbanded that afternoon, we had plans to meet for beers at the local brew pub in Croydon when the new brand and website were launched!

A lot of ideas flowed at that initial meeting and just a few short weeks later, we presented Mat?s with a few possible design options. The chosen design kept the basis of Mat?s brand?the longtime logo was given a touch of an update without losing the longevity of the brand. We updated the color, keeping their brand blue and added an orange to warm up the palette.

The site itself was designed with the customer in mind; bold, easy to read, easy to navigate and most importantly, it keeps the personal touch between Mat?s team and the customer. New photography was added so customers could see the faces of the Mat?s team-many already local celebrities to those who have been using Mat?s for their pharmacy needs for years.?? We even included real customers who were more than eager to lend their modeling talents to the new site!

Graphically we designed simple, easy to understand icons to represent the different areas of the website. This will keep things very simple for the users. We added online forms for prescription refills, requests for new prescriptions and we laid the foundation in the backend development to increase the ecommerce sales in the future.

Because Mat?s is more than just a pharmacy, we added their Compounding, Personal Rx, and Medical Supplies divisions to the site, giving them prominence and an easy ways for online users to learn of these additional services offered at Mat?s.

We knew from analytics that Medical Supplies Catalog is the most used area of Mat?s website. With that in mind, we made the catalog easy to find, easy to download, and more importantly, bigger and easier to view online.

Ready for Launch

Mat’s Pharmacy is also now mobile responsive for its customers who need services on the go! As we prepared for launch, we also created social media graphics for Mat?s to use to announce their new site and creative an excited buzz in the community.

We are thrilled to be launching the new, updated, beautiful website of Mat?s Pharmacy and Medical Supplies! Make sure you check it out!

What Mat says about this experience: Our website was non-interactive and dated when we contacted Sides Creative. We interviewed several companies. Dan Sides came in and actually listened to what we needed and wanted. He and his team presented creative and exciting ideas involving me and my staff every step of the way. Our account manager, Steph, contacts us regularly with updates to any work that is being done. Open dialogue is maintained and any concerns are promptly addressed. We will be moving forward with Sides Creative. I would recommend Sides Creative for website design.

Mathew P. Slakoper, Owner
Mat?s Pharmacy and Medical Supply


What Sides says about Mat?s: From the first moment we met Mat and his team, there was an instant connection. Our energy fed off theirs. We had lots of laughs together throughout the whole process and everyone on both teams had wonderful insight and ideas for this whole project. Being a small business owner, we loved helping a fellow small business owner grow! We are excited to continue to this relationship and support Mat?s Pharmacy and Medical Supply in all their marketing efforts.

Dan Sides, CEO/Founder
Sides Creative