About Sides Creative

Whether it is building or refurbishing a website, crafting a new brand identity, or developing tools to strengthen digital marketing efforts, we apply our vision and expertise to accentuate your strengths to achieve business objectives.

The horse symbolizes more than just a logo for us. It embodies our team’s relentless commitment and determination to create excellence and impact as business marketing partners.

horsehead blue
Sides creative spans two decades … and while work has evolved — core values of passion, resilience and elegance have remained steadfast.

Collaborating closely with clients we embark on a shared journey towards distinction, foregoing ahead to impact brands, projects and solutions… and we all have fun.

Why Horsepower?

When my mom, Peg, was a teenager my grandfather bought her a horse. It was the 70s and he saw her going down a road he didn’t like. Bianca was a beautiful, dapple grey American Quarter horse. Pop had just bought a horse himself, Midland Road, a retired Philadelphia mount, and thought together he and Peg could ride a better path with a mutual love of horses. Their love of horses was passed down to me as well. Although I never owned one, what they symbolize and mean to me is just as impactful. Horses represent strength, beauty, and determination, and for me, they have always represented my mom. My mom was only 53 when she lost her hard-fought battle to colon cancer. Peg was always the life of the party and loved being social. (I get that from her). Cancer took that away from her, but through it all she had beauty and was strong and determined in her battle. Since my mom’s passing, the horse represents her still being here in my life, inspiring and encouraging me. She is reflected through the tattoo on my back, through the art and symbols of horses I see throughout my day, and through my business. The horse isn’t just my logo—it represents my purpose and drive to be the best artist and marketing partner I can be. Sides Creative has evolved over the past 20 years, but through it all, there has been drive, desire, strength, and beauty in my work with my clients. Together, my clients and I ride a better path to the finish line to create beautiful, strong brands, projects, and solutions.