Peak Party Rentals

Peak Party Rentals is running on a Custom WordPress Website and Content Management System.

Premier Tent & Event Rental Company


Website Design & Development

Dan came to the rescue.  Keeping the fun energy of Kieran’s personality and the Peak brand, he created a tight, unique WordPress site that met all of Peak’s needs.

The site makes it easy for Kieran to add, change and manage his inventory and have it quickly be updated for clients using the website to view inventory and order.   As Peak Party grew from simple backyard parties to school and bigger corporate events, the site grew too.

Dan also added a blogging component and created social media graphics to streamline the time Kieran spends doing his own marketing.   Now, Kieran buys buckets of time with Dan to update the site and those graphics seasonally for Peak.  This helps Kieran and Peak stay relevant to all their customers.  The best thing about it—Dan lives close to Kieran and he’s only a phone call away when he needs extra chairs for his kids’ birthday parties!

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