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Rebuild Health & Wellness helps clients burdened with autoimmune disease make sustainable life changes in order to experience incredible healing.

Owner, Meri had a new logo and updated photography for her brand and realized that neither fit into her website as it was.  She needed a website that reflected the professionalism and polish in the same manner her new assets did for her business.   Meri was referred to Dan through a previous client of Sides Creative.

Web Design, Strategic Marketing

“I had an idea for my brand and my business, but Dan was the one who brought it to life!”

Dan asked a lot of questions about Meri’s vision for her business.  He asked about her values, her target audiences, gained an understanding of her technical skills.  He wanted to create a website that would not only be beautiful and informative, but one that didn’t overwhelm Meri.    She needed to put her time helping her clients heal, not uploading articles to her site.   Meri let Dan dive in and ultimately her website and brand exceeded her own expectations!

Dan used Meri’s new imagery and created a brand look and a website to reflect positivity, hope and wellness.  Once the website was created, Dan created branded social media pieces for Meri to use without having to spend her own time creating new assets.

“Building a relationship with Dan is a surefire way to get your business out into the workd in order to insure your success!”  Meri, Owner Rebuild Health & Wellness.

Love from

Rebuild Health & Wellness

I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found Dan! I had my business idea but he transformed it into an actual brand. Dan started out asking me all the right questions in order to understand my business better and then ran with it! The end result was a beautiful and professional website that way surpassed all my expectations. He's also incredibly adept at taking your brand into the social media platforms which I'm also finding extremely helpful. Building a relationship with Dan is a surefire way to get your business out into the world in order to insure your success!

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